Fit For Christmas!

Let’s all agree that 2020 was not the year that we thought it would be. No one walked into 2020 thinking it would be like this! 

Think back to what you wanted at the beginning of the year. Was this the year you were going to spend time on yourself, committing to being healthy and exercising? Maybe you joined a gym this year only for it to close… Maybe you set out to eat well, only comfort food and baking during the pandemic felt naturally more appealing. 


I get it. 


If you’re like me, you’ve grown tired of making plans and having to worry about restrictions., and perhaps finding yourself at the end of your rope with home schooling or working from home. 


Stress eating is a real thing. Even the most resolute people have resorted to binge eating, forgone their diets and reached for the sugar boost in the afternoon. And somehow, even while spending so much more time at home, it’s seemed impossible to find time to exercise or even find a few minutes of solitude. 


If you wanted to have those things, it isn’t too late. It really isn’t. 


This year isn’t over yet and you can finish strong. We have a plan to help you round off 2020 on a high note. If you set out to eat healthy this year, if you made a resolution to be fit, there’s no reason you can’t start now and finish on top, poised to show 2021 just how amazing you are. 


And you are amazing. Look at what you have endured this year, look at all that has been asked of you, and you’ve kept showing up. I see you and I want you to know, you’ve done a great job. 


Now, here we are at the holidays, the biggest time of year, with even more to do. Are you feeling anxious about getting everything done? Are you worried you won’t have the energy or the enthusiasm to experience the season with joy? 


We have put together the perfect program to support you with energy and vitality to help you to feel your best this holiday season. Are you tired of feeling sluggish? Do you long to feel on top of your game, ready to make Christmas magical for your family? Do you remember feeling full of hope at the beginning of the year, and longing for that fresh perspective and confidence – let us help you finish 2020 feeling as full of hope and energy as you did when this year started. 


If you’re thinking you’ll just start over in the new year, stop. There no reason to wait until January because this isn’t an austerity program. Sol Movement is all about living life in abundance – enjoying life in our bodies and celebrating all that’s great in life!


If you’re thinking its too late for 2020, think again, because if you want it badly enough, you can have it now. Getting fit and staying fit can happen (even in December!) and happens easiest when we are supported with a clear goal in mind and a coach and community to support us every step of the way – and this program offers all that and more. 



Fit for Christmas is a 21-day program that includes: 

  • Meal plans and recipes to keep you energized and feeling great, all simple to make with minimal effort to save you time and foods that will make you feel fantastic while tasting delicious (I promise!) 

  • No diets. No fasting. No one will tell you to put down the wine or to steer clear of the cheese tray. It’s Christmas after all! 

  • There will be no weigh-ins, to tracking, no counting. Just delicious food and recipes planned out to make eating well easy along with an introduction to Intuitive and mindful eating. 

  • There is an exercise schedule that is flexible and above all fun with video demonstrations of all movements, and two live – coached workouts each week. 

  • Megan Williams, RD, and Sara Kavanagh, Founder Sol Movement will be your coaches for this program. 

  • Community – you’ll join the Sol Sisterhood, our community page where we connect daily and share our journey to inspire and be inspired. We’ll have fun weekly challenges and share the fun in enjoying movement and delicious food together, in an incredibly supportive and motivational setting. 

  • This program is designed to help you feel good. To end the year on a high note knowing you made a little time for your, that you finished strong – the way you intended to finish the year when it began. 



There are more demands on you during this season than any other time, and it’s only compounded by the complexity of the pandemic. Let us give you what you wanted for yourself in 2020. We want to help you make the holiday season magical by making sure you feel your best.


My goal for you in this three-week program is to end the year on a high note, feeling happy in your own skin, full of life and energy – enthusiastic for what lies ahead. I want to support you to finish those goals and fulfill the hopes that you had for taking care of yourself this year. Please join Megan and me and our Sol Movement Community for the ultimate energy boost that will lift your spirits for Christmas and bring about abundant positivity for the year ahead. 

Sign up today to get Fit for Christmas today.