Fit in Five

You know that being fit and enjoying being active is a necessity for both your physical and mental health.

You know you need to be more active and you really want to be – but in our crazy busy lives, it’s hard to fit it in, to make me-time a priority.

When you do make the time, you want to be making the most of it, but where do you even begin? The machines? A run? A class? 

You’ve tried so many things! You’ve tried so many times! And every time you’ve found yourself back in the same place: tired, unmotivated, discouraged, feeling empty.

You want to feel more energetic, to have that healthy glow. You long to look in the mirror and be proud of what you see, to enjoy how your clothes fit and feel.

You know that strength training is good for you, but you’re afraid of bulking up, or that you may get injured by doing it wrong, or just look silly at the gym.

Getting fit and staying fit shouldn’t be painful or frustrating. 


You don’t need to spend hours of your day exercising in order to be fit. 


You should never be afraid of exercise. You don’t have to feel awkward or insecure about movement.

There is a fun and supportive way to get fit that will truly energize you and help you enjoy life in your skin.

I want you to feel empowered to move every day, even if all you have is five minutes. 


I want you to be inspired to achieve the goals you’ve always had for yourself. 

I want you to love what you’re doing, enjoying movement, and finding power in your body, mind and spirit to become the woman you’ve always wanted to be. 


I want you to feel confident, radiant, and energetic – loving life in your skin as you get stronger every day. 

My goal for you is that you learn to enjoy fitness and the power and beauty that your body holds; feeling energized and excited, immersed in a supportive community of positive people who share a healthy outlook, encouraging one another. 


Imagine the sensation of feeling strong in your body and yourself, knowing you’re taking care of yourself and getting stronger every day.


I want you to feel inspired and to be inspiring others in sharing your fitness journey and loving yourself and your body. 


Imagine what it will be like to have more energy. What will you do when you’re more confident in your body and your abilities? Imagine feeling motivated and exhilarated – ready to accomplish anything! What could you do with your newfound superpower??

If you’re reading this, you’re ready to take that step to making yourself and your health a priority.

What ladies are saying about the Fit in Fives… 

Jenny, New York

I like the Fit in Fives because Sara makes it easy and fun to add these into your day. I could do it on my own time. No pressure. The program has a great community of other women to encourage and push each other in a good way. Sara’s enthusiasm for fitness and can-do attitude are infectious.

Alex, Washington, D.C.


I love The Sol Movement Community- it’s been a game changer for me - to have something outside of my old day-to-day routine that I can look forward to that’s just for me - something I’ve neglected since I had kids. I thrive on the feeling of accountability to this community and all the support these ladies provide by encouraging each other and sharing their own goals and progress.

My method will enable you to create a strong foundation for yourself in as little as five minutes per day. 


In following my tried and tested method, you will feel supported daily with a plan and guidance to help you achieve your objectives and most importantly, loving yourself and your life more as a result of what you’re doing. 


The Fit in Five program includes daily workout plans and schedules that include cardio and strength training. If all you have is five minutes, you can add these sets into your daily routine and feel happy knowing you've spent a few minutes on you. 


Each strength exercise uses body weight resistance or limited/light weights or resistance, so you will get stronger without the worry of bulking up. If you don’t have weights, you can do many of the exercises with household objects.


You’ll find support from me in the form of video demonstrations of every exercise, clear instructions in your schedule, and I’m active daily in our community page – sharing my workouts and giving feedback and answering questions that the group has. 

Enjoying fitness is more than getting out there and being active. What we all need and crave is inspiration that comes from a shared experience with like-minded women working toward the same goal as you. The Sol Movement community includes women of all backgrounds working toward their objectives together.

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