Working Out with Sol Movement

You've tried so many things, so many times and find yourself just back where you started. We've put together a plan to help you achieve the transformative change you've been longing for and will equip you with the tools you need to make a sustainable lifestyle change.


When it comes to incorporating fitness into our lives, we need more than desire and intentions. Getting fit and staying fit can happen and happens easiest when we are supported with a clear goal in mind and a coach and community to support us every step of the way. 

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Fit in Five

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Staying fit, prioritizing ourselves and our health – both physically and mentally – is so hard to do. It seems darn near impossible in our busy lives.


I believe that SOMETHING is always better than NOTHING. Fit in Five brings you a daily schedule for simple workouts that you can do in as little as five minutes, or for as long as you have time; more importantly, offers a community to keep you inspired and accountable to yourself and making your fitness a priority. More

Find Your Fit

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If you’re ready to get fit, but not sure how or where to start, congratulations!


This really is the best place to be – there is so much in store for you! 


Find Your Fit is our 28-day program that offers in-depth coaching to help you define what fitness means to you and how to incorporate it into your daily life. With the active support of a coach and community we will seek to uncover and overcome the obstacles that have kept you from exercise in the past and develop goals and objectives to work toward. More

Run with Sol

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Whether you’ve been running for years, or you’re ready to take on the challenge of running your first mile without stopping, the Sol Movement running programs offer the most inclusive training environment for women.


Our programs are designed to keep you motivated from the get-go. With interactive schedules that guide your daily workouts, coaching, and a community of women with similar goals, Sol Movement helps bring you to your finish line feeling confident, strong and happy! More