Sara Kavanagh is the Founder of Sol Movement, and is set out to change the world by working with women to find their strength and beauty through fitness. A firm believer in “yes you can” she holds the view that a woman will uncover amazing things about herself by focusing on a goal and working toward it one step at a time, relishing in the finish line experience, and looking back to see what she’s overcome.

Despite an athletic resume that includes two Ironman finishes and nine marathons, Sara will tell you that she does not identify as “an athlete”. What drives her is a challenge, enjoying the experience and being part of an incredible community of people.

Sara earned her stripes as a triathlete and coach working with Team Lipstick, New York’s only all-female triathlon team. She finished her first triathlon with thirty other women - teammates - with the same goal, and her life was changed for the better forever. 

Having struggled with weight and body image issues - like most women - her relationship with her body changed by enjoying a goal-focused sporty environment. Through triathlon, cycling and running, Sara reprogrammed her mind, learning that her legs were big because they were strong and that meant good (fast) things for her on the bike.

Sol Movement is not about “weight loss” but helping women uncover the wonder that their body and minds hold in achieving a fitness goal.

Since becoming a mother, Sara loves her body more than ever because of what it’s capable of and for the gift it’s given to her and her husband (and the world) in carrying and delivering her two sons. The female body deserves so much more praise and love than we give her. What she’s also learned since becoming a mom, is that time is precious and our bodies are delicate and need help to recovery and rebuild strength. Ironman is far out of her sights for now, but daily fitness and coaching and empowering women toward their goals remains her passion and greatest joy.

Sara currently lives in London with her husband, James, and their sons, Hardy and Kit.

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