Join the movement!

We offer coaching and training plans for all level of athlete, or aspiring athlete, with a deep focus on community and empowerment.


Every Sol Movement program is made up of these three things: Coaching, Community and Training. When it comes to training for a goal you will find that you enjoy your experience so much more if you’ve got the help and input of a coach who can share insights with you, encourage you, and let you know when to step it up or take a break, share your experience with a group of like minded women working toward a similar goal on the same training schedule – one that is tried and tested and will help you meet your finish line objectives confident and strong.


If you’re doing something new, or maybe coming back to something you know with a new objective, coaching to help you on your path is incredibly valuable.


Coach Sara has coached hundreds of women to achieving their fitness goals. She is actively engaged in the community pages of each program and happy to help answer questions and respond to concerns and of course, share in the joys of your success as you share posts about your workouts and achievements throughout the program.


She also offers insights in a series of training videos that cover detailed aspects for your training and preparing for your race, including: injury prevention, nutrition, stretching, race day reconnaissance, and so much more.


When we are in community, we find inspiration and motivation, and while many of us may shirk away from it, we find accountability too. When you’ve set a goal for yourself, being in a community of others with a similar goal helps to keep you on track. The Sol Movement communities are, in a word, amazing and are the most fun element of the training.


All of the Sol Movement programs include a detailed training schedule to help you know what you should do each day as you progress toward your goal. Our training schedules are designed to build up to your goal distance and include cross training and strength exercises that will support you and help to keep you getting stronger and injury free.