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Life unfolds in amazing ways. We can’t always know why things are happening, even though we look for meaning in everything (I do, at least) and want to understand how things are coming together for MY PLAN.

In January, I started working with a new client named Karla whose husband is a submarine commander. “Cool” I thought. As I got to know her more through her posts to our community page and some of our coaching calls, my respect for her grew tremendously. I learned what it means for her to be the wife of a Naval Officer, the sacrifices she and her kids make, and the role as a leader, mentor and support crew to the other wives and families in her community, are just a few of the things that make her an exemplary woman to me. The more I learned about Karla and her husband, the more my appreciation for her and all of the families of our Armed Services grew.

Karla with her husband, Brandon, US Navy Submarine Commander

Through some serendipity, and a connection of a family friend, I was connected to the Military Moms Blog, and have been a regular reader of their content for years. Do I get what it means to be a military wife or mom, nope, not one bit. I can’t comprehend that sacrifice, but their content and posts resonate just the same because they address the same issues that all women deal with: kids, marriage, work, play, fitting it all in, depression, anxiety, joy and triumph. They are all the same life issues portrayed beautifully through a unique lens.

In August, I welcomed seven of the Military Mom bloggers to our Find Your Fit program. I choked up reading each of their introductions on our community page; learning about them, where they live - some pretty incredible places, even if wildly remote (Alaska)!

What I love about having Military Wives in my programs is that they are already familiar with community and know how to support other women in the same boat as them. They’ve already got mental toughness down pat. Endurance comes with the job description for these women. As a coach whose programs thrive based on community, I couldn’t ask for a better group of women to bolster up the Sol Movement communities - they just get it!

More than that though, I love what I learn from them. I’m an ignorant civilian who had no understanding of what their lives were like - I just knew that they had to move a lot. I’m grateful for them and all that they do. And with ALL that these women do for their families and our country, you can imagine they struggle to find time for themselves, which makes this job all the more rewarding for me as the coach: If they can do it, anyone can!

I want to share this excerpt from a recent post as it resonates with me and I think most wives and mothers, especially during a pandemic when things feel all that much more out of our control. Replace “military spouse” with wife/mother, and I think it will speak to you too:

“So what if I’m ‘nothing more’ than a military spouse? It’s a question that, once upon a time, would’ve incurred a visceral reaction. But I see now that I’m not just a help-meet to my husband. As a military spouse, I’m an important part of our community and the mission, itself.

"There was a time when women used to offer similar platitudes in my direction. I’d nod appreciatively while focusing on not physically rolling my eyes. But the crazy thing is, it’s true!

"I haven’t given up my career so that my husband can have his. Not entirely, at least. I’ve become the mom I needed to be because circumstances demanded it. I’ve been the friend and the wife and the sister I needed to be because circumstances demanded it. Jobs aren’t just the depositing of a paycheck. I’m doing valuable work, and I’m content in that for now.”

I think you can agree, it's pretty relatable. We rise to the occasion. We all have/had an idea of what life would look like, and sometimes, we wonder what the heck is going on? and sometimes, we look around and think, Wow! Never anticipated that one, isn't that great. Life is full of wonderful surprises - serendipity, and beautiful lessons.

I don't have a lot of time to read, and much as reading can give us a view on other perspectives and experiences in life, the best way to understand another view is through a shared experience and a relationship. I love these military moms and I’m grateful for them and their sacrifices and I’m so grateful that these strong women are a part of my community.

I hope you’ll check out the Military Moms Blog, as it’s beautifully written and relatable content that will enrich your personal experience, and give you a deeper appreciation for what it means to be an American and what our Military Families do for us.

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