Hear me out: weight loss is not your goal

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

It’s not about weight loss. It’s never about weight loss. I don’t want you talking about weight loss, I don’t want you doing this program and talking about weight loss. Unless a doctor has told you that you need to lose weight (in which case you should be talking to her/him about it and not me) I don’t want you talking about it. Weight loss cannot be your goal.

Hear me out. 

Weight is absolutely a metric by which we can assess someone’s level of healthiness and fitness, but when we make weight loss a goal, we stand to be frustrated. It’s why no one likes needing to lose weight. Every time you get on the scale, you’ll be hoping to see a smaller number than the time before, and what if you had a great week of eating well and exercising? If the number went up, you’re discouraged, you’re disappointed, you think you’ve failed. Weight loss as a goal sets us up for failure and frustration and does little to breed success and positivity in other areas. 

What’s going to happen when you reach that magic number on the scale? Will someone throw you a party? Will you get to wear a medal around your neck? Will your daughter be so proud of you because you finally reached your goal weight? Probably not. And when you get to that number... you have to try and stay there! 

So what, then should be your goal? 

Something outside of yourself. Something measurable. Something that makes you a part of something - that brings you a community that has the potential to inspire you and encourage you and celebrate you and what you’re aiming to achieve. Also, because you’re awesome and that number on that scale means little about how awesome you are. 

I’d love for you to make a finish line your goal. 

I can hear you, “but Sara, that’s not for me...” I see you rolling your eyes and thinking “that’s fine for her, but I’m not an athlete...” I know, i know, I know... it’s hard!

But just give me five minutes. We all start somewhere and we all have five minutes we can spare in a day. Can you give yourself five minutes to feel better, get stronger, be inspired and encouraged? 

I participated in sports growing up, but was never considered an athlete. I even remember my freshman year of high school being on the JV basketball team and the XL uniform didn’t fit me. It was embarrassing and heartbreaking.  

It wasn’t until I was 27 years old and got on a road bike in Central Park that I found joy in exercise. The first race I ever did was a 3K run with my best friend, and my favourite part of it was the bagel at the finish line (God bless New York bagels!) I never imagined that I would go on to finish and Ironman one day. 

What’s my point?

Start small. Give yourself five minutes a day and commit to something. If you give yourself five minutes a day for five days this week do you know what you’ll have achieved? You’ll be able to say, I worked out five times this week. And it will be 25 minutes of exercise you didn’t have the previous week. If you’re thinking: “eh, it’s just five minutes, it’s not worth it.” It is and it will be.... and you can always do more if you want!

Join me in my Fit in Five program. Here you'll find encouragement, inspiration, community and instructions for getting fit in as little as five minutes each day!

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