Your most powerful muscles

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

What are the two most powerful muscles in your body?

Your heart and your brain.

Before you try and correct me and tell me they are organs (and you’re right), your heart and your brain are organs, but the heart is considered a muscular organ for pumping the blood through our bodies and the brain, while not a muscle, behaves like a muscle and can be trained to improve certain cognitive skills. 

Think of all the thoughts you have in a day. Think of how many times your heart has beat for you. All the feelings you’ve felt... and have some gratitude for our heart and our brain.

Now, with all that your body can do for you without you thinking about it, think about what you can do when you apply them - what are you capable of when you harness the power of your heart and mind? Working together to achieve something really terrific!

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