Fit in Five: The fastest way to see results from a fitness program

Want to know what is the fastest way to see results from any fitness program? Add strength training to it. Strength training, or weight lifting are the original “Lift and Tuck!”, firming and toning us naturally. And beyond vanity (and there’s nothing wrong with exercising for vanity’s sake!) there are many benefits.

The benefits of strength training

1) It will make you stronger and fitter

2) It protects bone health and muscle mass

3) Helps to keep weight off for good

4) Promotes better body mechanics

5) Can support chronic disease management

Even with an incredible list of benefits, many of us fail to do strength training. Sometimes, it’s the easiest things that we fail to do because it shouldn’t be easy. Sometimes we skip strength training because we worry about bulking up, and sometimes we just don’t know what to do or how to do it.

Fit in Five

Because strength training is so important I’ve put “Fit in Five” workouts into every Sol Movement program. You will never worry about what to do or how to do it because I’ve recorded over 100 videos to support you with five simple exercises each day – whether you’ve got 5 minutes to yourself in your living room, or 45 minutes in the gym.

Take five minutes and give one of these workouts a try – run through each exercise for one minute each.

Mountain Climbers, Alternating side lunge, Shoulder press, Bent over reverse fly, Butterfly Kicks

Squats, Side shuffle, Tricep dips, Bicep curls, Leg lifts.

Glute Lunges, Reverse Butterfly, Wall squats, Half-kneeling wood chop, Reverse crunch

Find out all about Fit in Five and the Sol Movement fitness programs here.