How to overcome the winter blues

Keeping the drive alive during these winter months can be hard. Even for the most resolute of my friends and training partners, everyone finds the shorter days and the lack of sunshine challenging. Here are five things that I do to help pass the time and get my head out of the grey cloud I feel surrounds me during the winter months. And they aren’t all about working out!

Five tips for surviving the winter blues:

1) Buy flowers for yourself or for someone you love - or both! Putting fresh flowers somewhere in your home where you spend a lot of time will help you remember the sweet little things in life, will remind you to love yourself, and if you’re doing this for a friend - guess what, it feels amazing to make someone else feel special and loved!

2) Post positive affirmations on your phone wallpaper, on your mirror, to the baby’s wipes container - wherever you’re likely to see it and be encouraged. Here are a few to get you started…

- I love myself just as I am today

- I am strong and working toward my goals every day

- I am beautiful and wonderfully made.

- I have gratitude for my body and all it has done and continues to do for me.

3) Stay hydrated. Hydration is 100% attributable to how we feel. During the dry winter months and when the heat is on, we need to be that much more mindful of how much water we are drinking.

4) Bake cookies. Yes, I just said to go back cookies instead of telling you to go do some pushups! Why? Because baking is fun. Baking is fun for other people! My family loves when I bake, it brings joy and it tastes delicious. It’s something that my son and I are starting to do together and it’s helping him learn about food and measurement, and he looks adorable in an apron. If baking isn’t your thing, then do something you enjoy - whether it’s fitness related or not! Give yourself permission to do it and without guilt, enjoy every morsel of it!

5) But now, here is where I am going to hint at doing some pushups: Make room for accountability-tell a friend, or reach out to me, and make a pact to do something together or for a plan to do something active. I saw this work brilliantly recently; two of the women in our Run with Sol Running Community were both feeling down. Winter blues were setting in big time. One woman posted how she wasn’t feeling it at all, but did 10 minutes on the stair climber and a Fit in 5 and felt better with more energy. Another woman, commented that she had inspired her and while she was going to write off the day, she too was going to make a move! If you need help deciding how to spend 5 minutes getting a workout in, click here for our Fit in Five schedules!