I'll say it again, It's not about weight loss

Sitting on Pinterest this morning, my feed was full of images/memes saying, “Why I lose weight”.


This isn’t a question for the algorithms on Pinterest or other social media platforms. I’m asking about the programming of our minds that these "machines" are trying to meet us where we are and give us what we “want.”

Why when I look for fitness apps am I given a lot of apps for weight loss? Or getting my perfect beach body? Who of you has been at your ideal weight and gleefully put on a bathing suit and strutted along the surf skimming the water with your perfectly pedicured feet?

Me either.

I hate messages about weight loss. Hate is a strong word and I know I’m using it. Don’t get me wrong, weight loss can be a very good thing, but weight loss is not what “it” is about.

I spent so many years (even as a child) trying to lose weight. I was on diets and would exercise, even have multiple gym memberships and weight loss as a goal was never achieved or easily, permanently maintained.

Let’s not even say it’s about weight... maybe you’re thinking size. If you could just be a size X you will be happy. Do you know that I have friends who are a size 0 who want to lose weight and complain about their thighs. I’ll also tell you that I don’t know a single skinny friend who was happy in herself because she was skinny.

What am I saying?

I’m saying that weight loss is a good thing, but it isn’t an ultimate thing because I don’t think you’re going to get what you want when you get to that “magic”number.

I believe that if we took numbers away - no weight, no sizes - what we all really want is to feel comfortable in our skin, confident in our beauty, and capable of enjoying the power and ability within our bodies to move freely with ease and grace, or speed and power.

If you’re battling weight loss, or struggling with body image, I feel you. It’s a daily struggle that we share, and it can be overcome. If you want to learn about tips for enjoying your body I’d love to share what has helped me overcome 25+ years of programming through one of our Sol Movement programs. I can tell you that it starts with a goal and a commitment. Your goal is up to you. You'll tell us what it is, and we'll work with you to make the commitment necessary to help you achieve it.

Firstly, know this, you can do it. You are a beautiful woman who deserves to feel comfortable in her own skin, who has it in her to love who she is and to share all that is wonderful about her with the world.

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