Letting life-induced balance happen

The last couple of weeks have been brutal. Let’s just say there was a lot going on. There always is, right, but some things manage to take up more head space than others and require us to stop and drop what we are doing and remember LIFE and what it’s all about.

In this case, my uncle passed away. We were not particularly close, but my aunt (his wife) and I are very close and his two sons are my closest cousins. I’ve not known anyone - at least peers - to lose a parent yet or for this age group to become unwell yet in our family. And I’ve not lost anyone on my mom’s side of the family since I’ve had the capacity to understand it and remember i. And I have to say, that since becoming a mom, things hurt in a whole new way. His passing was sudden, shocking and sad. 

I returned to my birthplace (Omaha, Nebraska) for his memorial service. I was on the ground there only a few hours longer than I was in the air to get there, but it was worth it. There was no time for training or exercise despite having packed clothes to hit the gym (it was 26F and snowing, so there would be no runs!), and every meal was a carb filled delight: Pancakes! Pasta! Pizza! Potatoes au gratin! and bread and butter! 

When I got home, I was unwell, my son was unwell, my partner had a full day commitment and had to leave for the day, so I had a forced play day to catch up with my son. We cuddled and napped and watched Jungle Book for the 1709th time. It cost me dearly over the next week to lose another day at work, but it fed my soul. 

Why am I telling you this? Where is a training tip or motivation to put your trainers on and get moving? 

Because ebb and flow. Because priorities. Because life happens and you need to be in it guilt-free. Sometimes taking care of you means sitting in your jammies with your mom drinking bad hotel coffee and missing a run. It means having the pancakes because somebody loves you and made them for you (and pancakes are tasty too). 

And when it’s over, you can go back to your routine, maybe even with renewed strength or mental energy because you took the time to be present where you were needed and it was good for you too. 

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