​For most women, a 5K race is the first competitive distance that they try. The 5K distance is the most popular running race distance in the US and UK as it is fun and easy to train for – you can get that race t-shirt without spending 20 weeks training or logging lots of miles. Sol Movement offers two excellent training programs to help you meet your goals, whether you’re just starting out or looking to set a new personal best.


Novice 5K program

If you’ve never run a 5K before, or you’re just coming back from a long hiatus, the Sol Movement Novice 5K program is ideal for you. This 8-week program takes a gentle approach to running, including plenty of walking in the first few weeks, in order to build up aerobic fitness and a strong endurance baseline. In addition to the schedule,  this program includes our signature Fit in Five workouts and cross training to help build your strength to prevent injuries and improve overall fitness. Coach Sara hosts a number of videos and weekly Q&A check-ins to prepare you for race day and answer any questions you have about your training as you progress through the program.


Coach Sara specializes in working with beginners and used this same program to get back to running safely again after the birth of her second son. She is passionate about getting women to the finish line of their goals and she has designed this program to help women (and girls!) to enjoy their first 5K experience feeling strong and amazing and calling themselves “runners”! 


5K Novice

    • 8-week training schedule with detailed workouts for treadmill or outdoor runs; strength workouts and yoga – all developed in a periodized plan for optimal training.

    • Coaching - The program includes a number of videos to help you throughout your training and prepare you for a great race day experience; these include: 

      • Program introduction and overview 

      • Fit in Five videos – Over 70 videos that demonstrate all of the strength and yoga exercises that are included in your plan

      • Weekly updates to review the workouts for the week ahead

      • Tips and tricks for training nutrition – food as fuel

      • Race day nutrition

      • Mental toughness

      • Training zones

      • Race day preparations

      • Form and function

      • For one on one coaching please contact us or see Coaching Solutions in our on-line Shop.

    • Weekly Check-in video in response to the topics raised in the prior week's community activity and to coach and guide the group for training in the week ahead, while encouraging any questions through the course of the week via ​​the community pages and direct messaging.

    • Community – you will have access to Run with Sol private page on Facebook to share your experience with others in the program.

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