Sol Movement’s Find Your Fit program is a 60-day intensive group-coaching program that explores what fitness means to each of us and how we can incorporate it into our daily lives. 


In this program we will examine the obstacles that have prevented us from achieving fitness goals and explore methods for adding activity into our lives.

If you’re ready to prioritize yourself, if you want to have more energy and feel amazing in the skin you’re living in, Find Your Fit will support, challenge and inspire you to pursue the life of activity that you desire and are truly capable of. 

Find Your Fit - 8 Week Program

  • ​Coaching and Guidance

    I will be your coach for the 60-day program. We will have four (8) weekly check-in calls via Zoom and daily support via social media. I will also be available via email. There are also a number of on-demand coaching videos that you may draw on throughout the program.

    The Training

    For 60 days, you will be given a training plan that includes a combination of strength and cardio workouts. Every strength training exercise is accompanied with a demonstration video. You will be given plenty of optionality for getting workouts done - including support and encouragement to know and say “this won’t work for me today!” The training is designed to accommodate most levels of physical ability.

    Fitness isn’t only about being physically fit; it includes being mentally fit as well. For this, there will be “homework” to help you focus on your goals and defining fitness for yourself and equip you to overcome anxiety and roadblocks to achieving your goals.

    Community and Inspiration

    For the 60 days will be part of the Find Your Fit Community of women who are working toward the same goals as you. You’ll have people to share your experience with - people who will hold you accountable for hitting the goals you’ve set. We will use Facebook primarily for our daily chats, sharing and Q&A. We will also use Instagram with a special hashtag to share with each other and have fun throughout our journey!

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