Strength training is essential for our basic health and fitness. It is so important, yet often, it is the one thing that we neglect to do in our training. Whether we are just training for life or training for a half-marathon, strength training is necessary and its benefits are abundant and include, being stronger, injury prevention, and increased metabolism and energy.


Women tend to avoid strength training for fear of bulking up; we aren’t sure what exercises to do or how to do them, and because the gym can be a terrifying place.


If all you have is five minutes, you can add these sets into your daily routine and feel happy knowing you've spent a few minutes on you. Plus, the benefits of strength training in five minutes out-measure what you can achieve in five minutes of cardio! Try out this 28 day program to see it make a difference for you or if you're looking for the long haul why not commit to an annual subscription to drive your personal transformation.


Each exercise uses body weight resistance or limited/light weights or resistance, so you will get stronger without the worry of bulking up. If you don’t have weights, you can do many of the exercises with household objects.


Basic Fitness for Women who are looking to get into a fitness routine with the support of a coach and community of like-minded, inspirational women. This is a gentle program for helping a woman to define fitness for herself, and build a community of friends for support and encouragment.


Our Fit in Five (FiF) exercise sets are the nuts and bolts of all of the Sol Movement programs. Strength training - even if all you have is five minutes per day, is essential for our basic health and fitness. In addition to being stronger, the benefits include injury prevention, increased metabolism and energy.

Fit in Five - 28 Days

  • The Fit in Five program is a Rolling monthly program which is sold on a monthly subscription basis or discounted annual price when purchased in full. It includes;


    • ​​Program introduction and overview – Coach Sara will walk you through the schedule and program plan, and touch base each week for any questions with the schedules

    • ​Community – you will have access to both the Sol Movement page and Find Your Fit private group on Facebook to share your experience with others in the program.​

    • The Fit in Five Training Schedule developed by Coach Sara over her many years of experience.

    • Full access to the Fit in Five video Channel – a set of more than 70 videos that demonstrate and guide you on all of the strength and yoga exercises included in your plan. If you'd like to get an idea of the exercises click here to access the Fit in Five Free Trial – you'll just need to sign up as a member to Sol Movement – which is also free.

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