The Sol Movement half marathon program is designed to get you across the finish line, strong, happy and feeling amazing. 


The program includes three days per week of running workouts focused on developing your strength, speed and endurance; the remainder of the weekly schedule includes our signature Fit in Five workouts and cross training to help build your strength to prevent injuries and improve overall fitness.

In addition to the schedule, Coach Sara hosts a number of videos and weekly check-ins to prepare you for race day and answer any questions you have about your training as you progress through the program.​

Half Marathon

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  • The program includes;

    • 12-week training schedule with detailed workouts for treadmill or outdoor runs; strength workouts, yoga – all developed in a periodized plan for optimal training. 

    • Community – you will have access to the Sol Movement page and the Run With Sol private group on Facebook to share your experience with others in the program. 

    • The program includes a number of videos to help you throughout your training and prepare you for a great race day experience; these include: 

    • Program introduction and overview 

    • 20 Fit in Five videos – 20 videos that demonstrate all of the strength and yoga exercises that are included in your plan

    • Weekly updates to review the workouts for the week ahead

    • Tips and tricks for training nutrition – food as fuel

    • Race day nutrition

    • Mental toughness

    • Training zones

    • Race day preparations

    • Form and function

    • For one-on-one coaching please contact us or see Coaching Solutions in our on-line Shop.

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