Overview of 7 Key Running Stretches

Flexibility is vital to increasing and maintaining your stride length and range of motion, and is also a major factor in injury prevention. The best way to improve flexibility is through stretching. Look at the stretching video in the coaching tab to see the seven basic stretches commonly practiced by runners.

Additionally, by ensuring flexibility (along with strengthening key muscle groups) you reduce the likelihood of sustaining common runners injuries such as Runner's knee - Iliotibial Band (IT band), Shin splints, Plantar Fascitis, Achilles Tendonitis

To help maintain flexibility some of the most effective stretches are listed below and summarised in the video. If you're interested in learning more please follow the link below the video.

  • Hip flexor stretch

  • Thigh stretch

  • Hamstring stretch

  • IT Band stretch

  • Calf stretch

  • Piriformis (buttocks) stretch

  • Child's Pose

Find out more about Stretching and Injury prevention please follow this link or contact us at info@sol-movement.com