Run with Sol - Experienced

I remember crossing my first finish line hungry for more. High from the exhilaration of that experience – the crowds, seeing my family cheering me on, hearing my name announced as I came over the finish line, I couldn’t wait to sign up for my next race. It felt good to be a part of something, it felt good to have a goal and a purpose driving my exercise. It felt good to hear my friends and family say how they were in awe of me and proud of what I am doing.  Could I go further? Could I go faster? I wanted to find out about this personal best I heard so many runners talking about.

Fast-forward a few years… I remember watching the bright eyes of the first timers as they finished their race. Exhausted, yet in awe of what they had just accomplished – and rightfully so. I missed that feeling. My finish lines were becoming a status quo… suffering from burnout, fatigue, seemingly putting in the same efforts to my training, and not seeing any changes. Was I even having fun anymore? There’s got to be a way to get my enthusiasm for running back?

There’s a way to up your game that’s fun and inspiring that’s not just about running longer and faster. 

Running should never feel like drudgery, nor should it feel all-consuming

There is a smart and supportive way to develop as a runner that will truly energize you and help you achieve your goal.


My method for running will enable you to build on your foundation as a runner and equip you to reach your goals without taking over your life.

Training is more than running – it’s about making mental and physical developments with guidance from a coach who cares about your success and being part of a community that has your back

If you’re reading this, you’re ready to take that step to up your game or to put that sparkle back in your stride. Its time to realise your next level running goals of getting stronger and faster, more confident and energetic.

My goal for you is that you find joy in running, taking pride in the power and beauty of your body and mind as you accomplish your goals.


I want you to feel energized and excited, immersed in a supportive community of positive people who share a healthy outlook and mutual love of what it means to be a runner.


I want you to feel inspired and be inspiring to others in sharing your journey.


Picture yourself at the finish. Relishing in the experience of achievement, you stand changed for the better, motivated and exhilarated – ready to accomplish anything.

In following my tried and tested method, you can achieve your objectives of running longer, faster, stronger, while enjoying your super power as a runner.


Every training session has a purpose and an objective for running three days per week. In following a formula based on running according to your heart rate, you will be equipped to enjoy every workout and the outcomes of getting stronger and faster.

What we all need and crave is inspiration that comes from a shared experience with like-minded women working toward the same goal as you. The Sol Movement running community includes women of all backgrounds working toward their running objectives together, encouraging one another daily as we chip away at our objectives.