Run with Sol - Novice

I used to be afraid of running. It literally scared me. As a kid, I dreaded the mile run test we had to do in PE – fearing the shame of coming in last place (and I almost always did). 

There was always something in me that wanted to be a runner, but it felt so hard.


I'd watch my friends finish races and sign up for more. I felt I was missing something. I started training for triathlon because I could swim and bike, but still didn't like to run. When I finally started showing up for the running training sessions with my team, I learned that I had been doing it wrong my whole life, and it changed everything. I was in my thirties when I learned to love running and all it brought to my life.


I found a confidence I never knew, a freedom from worrying what my body looked like because I became proud of what it is capable of, an energy that powered my day mentally and physically. 

Young Woman Running

Running shouldn’t be painful – you don't need to feel awkward or alone, self-conscious about how you look or how fast or slow you're moving.

There is a fun and supportive way to learn to love running that will truly energize you and help you achieve what you've always wanted.

When you learn "how to run" you will go from being fearful and frustrated about feeling out of breath and lacking stamina to feeling transformed, ready to take on any goal, confident in your body and your abilities.

When you make that life-changing decision to become a runner you become part of community that will  sharing successes; encouraging one another through struggles, and celebrating accomplishments.

If you’re reading this, you’re ready to take that step to making yourself and your fitness a priority. Please read on or... 

My goal for you is that you will grow in confidence, understanding the power and beauty that your body holds as a result of becoming a runner. 


I want you to feel energized and excited, immersed in a supportive community of positive people who share a healthy outlook and fit lifestyle. 


I want you to feel inspired and to be inspiring others in sharing your journey in a safe and vivacious community.


Imagine yourself relishing in the experience of crossing a finish line, changed for the better, motivated and exhilarated – ready to accomplish anything!​

What would it feel like to enjoy this feeling every day?

Two Girls Jogging by Water
Womens Race Practice

In following my tried and tested method, you can achieve your objectives and most importantly, relish in how good it feels to call yourself a runner, proud of what you can do, excited by your accomplishments. 


Every training session has a purpose and an objective for running three days per week. In following a formula based on running according to your heart rate, you'll be running with ease and confidence.  

What we all need and crave is inspiration that comes from a shared experience with like-minded women working toward the same goal as you. The Sol Movement running community includes women of all backgrounds - spurring one another on toward our goals.